Amazon’s ‘Olympus’ AI: A Leap in Smart Technology

by Zara Mumtaz
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Amazon's 'Olympus' AI

Amazon is making waves in the AI world with its ambitious ‘Olympus’ project. Boasting a groundbreaking two-trillion parameter model, ‘Olympus’ is poised to redefine the capabilities of Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s ‘Olympus’ AI Project

This isn’t just any project—it’s a big deal because “Olympus” is being built to understand and talk just like we do. Amazon is putting lots of their savings and smart people into making “Olympus” special. It’s like a science fair, but instead of volcanoes with baking soda, they’re making super brains!

Imagine a big race where the goal is to create the smartest computer program ever. Big names like OpenAI and Google are in this race, too.

Guiding “Olympus” to Success

 Rohit Prasad who helped Alexa, the talking speaker, learn new tricks. Now, he’s the guide for “Olympus.” He updates the head of Amazon, Andy Jassy , to share all the news about “Olympus.”

He’s not alone in this big task. He has a team of experts, kind of like a group of smart friends from Alexa’s team and Amazon’s science clubs, all working together to make “Olympus” really, really smart.

What’s So Cool About “Olympus”?

“Olympus” is like a giant brain with two trillion parts that make it think, called parameters. The more parameters, the smarter it gets—like a puzzle with more pieces. This is a huge number, like counting all the stars you see at night and then counting them all over again.

It’s got twice as many as GPT-4, another smart AI that has one trillion parameters. So, “Olympus” is aiming to be the brightest star in the sky!

“Olympus”: Amazon’s Shiny Star

Amazon has this big space on the internet called Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, where people can do really important things with computers.

They think “Olympus” will be like a super-boost for AWS, making it able to do even cooler stuff. Amazon believes that if AWS has “Olympus,” it will be like having the fastest race car on the track, and everyone will want to drive it.

Amazon’s Playbook Before “Olympus”

Amazon has been friends with AI for a long time. They’ve used AI to help you shop by telling you what other people think is cool about stuff you want to buy. They also opened up their big piggy bank and gave away $100 million to help other people learn to make their own AIs.

They even created a special place where people can come up with new ideas for AI—kind of like a treehouse where everyone talks about robots and computers.

Before “Olympus,” Amazon put together some smaller AIs, like building small LEGO sets, with one called “Titan.” They also played with other companies that are learning about AI, sharing ideas and learning new things.

But “Olympus” is like the biggest LEGO castle they’ve ever tried to build. They think it’s going to be so awesome that more people will want to come and play in AWS’s sandbox.

When Will We Meet “Olympus”?

Everyone is wondering, “When can we play with ‘Olympus’?” Amazon is keeping that a bit hush-hush for now. But they’re really focused, like planning for a big birthday party, and they’re putting more money into their AI party fund.

They want to make “Olympus” the coolest AI around—like having the biggest cake at the party that everyone wants a slice of. While the exact date when “Olympus” will be ready is still a secret, it’s clear Amazon is working super hard.

They’re pouring resources and smart minds into making sure “Olympus” will be a game-changer. So, while we wait for the big reveal, we can be sure that when “Olympus” arrives, it’s going to be a huge, exciting moment in the world of AI.

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