Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s

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Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s

Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s

The 1920s is said to be the era of inventions, as soon after the end of World War I, all the new inventions like radio and Henry Ford’s automobile industry took place. The Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s was a decade when the American economy took a huge rise and people were enjoying their leisure time.  

Technology in the 1920s

After the First World War, people were living in economic prosperity, and their standard of living rose to the extent that they were enjoying their vacations in resorts, spending on roads, tourism, and convenience. It was when Henry Ford invented his first car, the Model T., that he revolutionized inventions and technologies. Ford’s assembly line was another addition to the advancements in technology. 

Automobiles invention and advancement

Model T’s invention was one of the major technological developments in making domestic life easier and more convenient to travel to long-distance places. The feature that piqued the interest of people was the “conveyer belt”, including slaughter companies; many other companies used this feature. In order to save time and money it was more productive to move the product to the worker. The Ford Motor Company team made the decision to attempt to integrate the moving assembly line into the process of making cars.

Electric automatic traffic signal 

Garrett Morgan is said to be the most prominent inventor of electric traffic signals. His design used a T-shaped pole that was later reputedly sold to General Electric, which was registered in 1923. The primary reason for inventing automatic electric traffic signals was the overflow of horse-drawn traffic over Westminster Bridge, which compelled several hundred people to walk alongside the Houses of Parliament. and that’s how Mr Garrett Morgan contribute in the Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s

US history and technological innovation (1920 – 1922)

US history and Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s , America had the most favorable time period for middle-class people, as it was said to be the decade of unprecedented prosperity. They wouldn’t have to worry about buying consumer goods. This led to new purchase patterns for them to consume, like radios, automobiles, vacuum cleaners, beauty products and clothing. Technological advances have made people live with ease. Due to the revolution in American technology, people were able to buy new models of automobiles.

At the time of economic growth, advertisers, focusing on the purchasing power of people, published advertisements for Americans to purchase. Ford’s mass production transformed the automobile manufacturing industry, lowering the Model T’s price from $850 in 1908 to $300 in 1924. Eliminating the need for expensive cars, allowing them to buy used Model Ts for as little as five dollars a day. By 1929, over 23 million automobiles were on American roads.

Not only land transport but also air transport got advanced as, in the mid-1920s, Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, It took him 33 hours to fly from Paris to New York. Though the first African American woman stunt pilot was Bessie Coleman, who had been flying for two decades but the doubt about long-distance traveling airplanes was still there. By the end of the decade, Charles changed the way everyone thought about air travel in 1927. 

In 1922, silent movies were also introduced to people, which served as the most popular form of entertainment. It became so popular that in the 1920s, it was the 3rd leading business industry. Due to the introduction of Technicolor in 1926, films became more memorable and delightful. 

In the same decade, Earle Dickson, an employee of Johnson & Johnson, created the adhesive bandage for his wife. In the kitchen, she frequently used to wound herself. This soon, in 1924 ,became a major-selling product called “Band-aid”, as people used to purchase it.

In 1922, a new sport was introduced by Ralph Samuelson, which was called water skiing .In Lake Pepin, Minnesota, Samuelson’s brother strapped on a pair of boards and used a clothesline as a tow rope to pull him onto a boat at a speed of 20 miles per hour. He put a lot of effort into creating the method that seemed to function the best. Samuelson spent the next 15 years traveling, instructing people and teaching them water skiing methods.

The first electric blender was also created in 1922 by Stephen J. Poplawski. Hired by the Arnold Electric Company of Racine, Wisconsin, to design a machine especially for soda fountain malts and milkshakes, he came up with the device for his company, Stephen’s Tool Company. Poplawski stayed on at Hamilton Beach after Hamilton Beach acquired Stephen’s business in 1926.

Radio and its impact on the entertainment sector

Technology invention and business changes in the 1920s allowed many inventions to take place. As 1920s was also the year when radio was invented. KDKA was said to be the first commercial radio station, located in Pittsburgh. Radios became more common as they were found in almost every homes. Soon it became a national pastime for people to gather and listen to the sports and news channel. 

Development of new types of automobiles, radio invention, and other electric devices was destined to become dominant technologies in the 1920s. Which allowed people to live with ease. The united states economy grew, becoming the reason for such luxuries.

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